We are rethinking NFC wearables

Watch2Pay was the first watch worldwide approved for contactless Mastercard® payments. The watch performs any NFC functionality depending on the SIM sized smart card you choose. Payment – Public transportation – Access management – Event access – Sport tickets – Company ID – Micropayment & loyalty cards…

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LAKS wearable card – short facts:

:: ID1 (credit card size) form factor - standard delivery state ::
:: Fully functional RFID ID1 card until SIM is broken out ::
:: Wide range of supported 13,56Mhz RFID chips ::
:: Integrated antenna for standard personalization equipment ::
:: Personalisation & chip initialization für standard NFC equipment ::
:: SIM (ID000) form factor (after breaking out of ID1 card)::
:: SIM (ID000) pre punched ::
:: Full printing capabilities on blank white cards ::
:: Antenna connection to C4/C8 ::
:: on ISO7816 contact plate to the contactless interface ::
:: LF (125Khz) version – please contact us ::

online store      online catalog
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