Dreams and visions, technology and innovation = LAKS

For years LAKS is combining creativity with the modern trend and quality with innovative technology. That way is emerging an exclusive design with ultimate precision using high-quality materials, processed with attention right down to the finest detail.

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Established in 1986 by Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal managed as a genuine family-run Austrian company. Today more than ever, LAKS has its finger on the pulse of time. Company customers use the LAKS Future Lab to create new developments.

Putting “WOW” into Payments

Payment cards have been around since 1966, with innovations along the way. In 2002 contactless cards were launched generating much excitement in the industry and with cardholders. LAKS recognized that although cards were being issued that for real convenience, incorporating the same technology into a watch would take contactless payments to the next level.

Since 1998 LAKS has developed state of the art contactless access watches, the result is the product presented here – Watch2Pay

We think you’ll agree it truly does put the WOW into payments.

Worn, Not Carried

Watches are worn – not carried, so they are always, literally, on hand and as a result easily accessible and rarely lost compared with credit cards and mobile telephones. Watch2Pay means a convenient alternative to cash – a personal accessory with multiple functions available in an unlimited variety of colors and face designs.


LAKS deploys only finest and best materials and movements of highest quality. LAKS engineers are attending the complex constructions and productions unto the perfect watch. High-quality microchips are utilized intelligent and developed to meet particular requirements. The future now.

Life is colourful and varied, peaceful and pulsating, and as diverse as your personality. Express your Zeitgeist – every minute!


Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal
designer •  ceo
LAKS Watch2Pay

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Watch2Pay for payment

Analogue wrist watch with NFC

                   Simply insert SIM-sized MuchBetter Mastercard and off you go!

Use your Watch2Pay for payment

•   Order your Watch2Pay on LAKS.com     ⟹  

•  You can pay worldwide where Mastercard® is accepted

•  Mastercard debit card in “SIM size”

•  Muchbetter banking app for Android and iOS

•  Watch2Pay with MuchBetter Mastercard® supports Euro , Pound £ and USD $

•  No mobile needed for payment function

•  No additional power consumption on your mobile or Watch2Pay

•  No need to recharge your watch

•  No power and no connection to a mobile is needed for payment function

Watch2Pay with MuchBetter is available in following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Canada


an app based payment wallet which combines rock star technology, mobile first dynamic customer authentication, real time KYC and rich in deposit options





Enables you to

•   pay with the tap of your Watch2Pay

•   send money to friends and family for free

•   pay when shopping online

•   collect and receive rewards

•   providing a free Mastercard® for on and offline use


•   Free-to-get - no activation fees

•   Free-to-use (except ATM cash withdrawal fees)

•   Free-to-own - no yearly no monthly fees -

•   Pay anywhere you see the Mastercard® logo

•   Withdraw money at ATMs

•   Contactless payments

•   Secure e-commerce, with a dynamic secure code CVV

•   CVV code supplied through your MuchBetter app

•   Choose and set your own PIN


Questions? Pls find all answeres on MuchBetter Homepage




•   Use the app to freeze (lock) and unfreeze (unlock) your Watch2Pay and/or your card instantly

•   When the Watch2Pay or card is frozen, it cannot be used

•   Simply unfreeze it in the app to reactivate it

•   The three digit number on the back of your card is generated separately for every purchase

•   Even if someone gains access to your card they will be unable to use it

•   For every transaction you get an instant notification to your phone


How to

•   Order your Watch2Pay on LAKS.com      ⟹  

•   Download (for free!) the Muchbetter banking app for Android and iOS




•  Complete the automated personal verification process within minutes

•  During the registration process we will be asking you for the following details:

     •  Your mobile phone number

     •  Setting a passcode for account access - can be exchanged to Touch-ID later in the process

     •  Your name and address including country of residence

     •  Your email address

     •  To complete the full verification we also ask you to send us your ID/Passport comfortably via the app instantly

•  Activate your SIM sized Mastercard® debit card for Watch2Pay via app within 1 second

•  In App money loading with multiple options

•  Enjoy your Watch2Pay - be different

•   Order your Watch2Pay •   available now in Europe   ⟹  

•   Order your Watch2Pay •   available now in Europe   ⟹  order your Watch2Pay now

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Watch2Pay for access

Analogue wrist watch with NFC

Easy access anywhere with the tap of your watch

Due to the innovative LAKS watch card the Watch2Pay can serve almost any NFC application

•  Facility access

•  Time attendance

•  Event ticketing

•  Public transportation, etc

LAKS wearable card – short facts:

•  ID1 (credit card size) form factor - standard delivery state

•  Fully functional NFC ID1 card until SIM is broken out

•  Wide range of supported 13,56Mhz and 125Khz RFID chips

•  Integrated antenna for standard personalization equipment

•  Personalisation & chip initialization für standard NFC equipment

•  SIM (ID000) form factor (after breaking out of ID1 card)

•  SIM (ID000) pre punched

•  Full printing capabilities on blank white cards

•  Antenna connection to C4/C8

•  on ISO7816 contact plate to the contactless interface

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Success story and videos

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India TV: +++ How to Watch2Pay in Delhi Metro +++ Watch2Pay with rechargeable Delhi Metro ticket now available - Watch2Pay has partnered with Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation +++ Touch N Go launches watch2pay in Malaysia: Read more /    +++    Watch2Pay signs first contract in India: See photo / See press release   +++    Watch2Pay for public transportation in Sao Paulo, Brazil   +++    Pay your metro fare using your smartwatch   +++    The first ever watch transaction at New Delhi Metro   +++    In Russia contactless payment by Alfabank is so elegant - watch the video   +++   Ukraine: +++ ALFABANK Ukraine launches Alfawatch with Watch2Pay +++ 007 goes contactless - Tap2Pay by Bank Audi launches Watch2Pay - see video   +++   How to Watch2Pay - Tutorial Video   +++   Garanti Bank TV spot - Who let the dogs out... - See the Video   +++   Takarek Bank TV spot - Click to see the video   +++   See the first wave and pay watch on display at the British Museum   +++   Watch the BBC report about the UK launch of Watch2Pay   +++   Watch2Pay at CES    +++

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